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Solid Organ Transplant

lungsUndergoing a procedure like an organ transplant can be overwhelming. The complex and extensive medication regimens must become part of the patient’s daily routine. Fleetwood Specialty Pharmacy understands the day-to-day challenges that organ transplant patients face, so our pharmacists and staff are committed to providing the knowledge, assistance, and care that will help make life after transplantation as uncomplicated as possible.

From determining coordination of benefits and locating financial assistance programs to personalized follow-up phone calls, Fleetwood covers all the bases to ensure your quality of life is the best it can be. Let a qualified, caring pharmacy handle your prescription needs.
We provide reliable, specialized care to our organ transplant patients through customized services that include:

  • A free Fleetwood CARES kit that provides the patient with the knowledge and tools they need including: a blood pressure monitor, pill cutter, pill case, pedometer, face masks and a thermometer.
  • Delivery using temperature-protective materials to keep your medication safe and cool.
  • Assistance with prior authorization, billing, financial assistance programs and coordination of benefits, facilitated by close constant contact with social workers
  • Refill reminders and automatic refills
  • One-on-one assistance from qualified pharmacists trained in post-transplant care

And remember, Fleetwood Specialty Pharmacy has the Fleetwood RX support line to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call 914-665-5556 / 914-665-5584.