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Patients & Caregivers

Fleetwood Specialty Pharmacy does more than just fill your prescriptions: we join your healthcare team. Regular pharmacies are great for common therapies, but complex health conditions require more care than they can provide. That’s why you need a specialty pharmacy.

The best and most advanced medications used to treat complex conditions like HIV/AIDS, cancer, hepatitis C, mental health disorders and organ transplants are not always available at retail pharmacies due to their cost and complexity. In fact, drug manufacturers sometimes only allow availability at pharmacies like Fleetwood Specialty Pharmacy, who are equipped to provide the required expertise and patient support.

In addition to providing access to specialty medications, the Fleetwood Specialty Pharmacy team is specially trained in understanding the complex therapies associated with treating chronic health conditions. We give you detailed instructions about your medication therapy and have programs to help you understand and adhere to your treatment. We can even work with your prescriber to help adjust your medication plan to minimize side effects.

As part of your healthcare team, Fleetwood Specialty Pharmacy is an advocate for you. For example, we make sure that you’re taking advantage of any financial assistance available from manufacturers and foundations and that you aren’t having any major side effects from your therapy. We also have entire department dedicated to working with your insurance company to secure any authorizations you may need.

Above all, our team is here to provide compassionate guidance and care. We’re always available to answer your questions and even have a pharmacist available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 914-665-5556 / 914-665-5584.