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Mental Health

Mental Health

Depression. Schizophrenia. Bipolar disorder. These mental health conditions can have a devastating effect on patients and the individuals who care about them. Fortunately, the right medications can help restore order and balance to the lives of those who suffer from mental health disease. At Fleetwood, we make it our business to assist patients in evaluating their unique prescription needs and interpreting the drug regimen to help maximize its effectiveness.

Here’s what we do to help our mental health patients return to the activities that are fundamental to their health and happiness:

  • Set realistic goals and a timeline for noticeable improvement of symptoms
  • Track symptoms and progress to evaluate the need for treatment modification
  • Offer support and information to help reduce and manage unwanted side effects
  • Insure proper dosing

Though not intended to replace medical advice from a qualified physician, the Resources links provide additional information and support on living with mental health disorders.